Councillor Mike Nickel says he empathizes with the CEO of a multinational cannabis retailer based out of Edmonton after the business executive called Alberta’s capital “the most difficult to deal with” when talking about municipalities where his company has set up shop. “I’ve heard it from across industries, be it […]

The first legal cannabis store in Kelowna opened its doors on Thursday morning. A lineup had assembled outside Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store in anticipation of being able to lawfully purchase marijuana, nine months after it was nationally legalized last October. An inside look at Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store in Kelowna. […]

Judging the measures planned by Ottawa to regulate the upcoming legalization of cannabis edible sales insufficient, Quebec unveiled its more stringent rules Wednesday. The province announced it would ban the sale of cannabis candies, confections, desserts — including chocolate — and “any other product that is attractive to minors.” READ […]

Kelowna’s first legal cannabis store is slated to open its doors on Thursday. Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store is located at 2121 Springfield Rd., and will be offering a variety of products, with a “grown here, sold here” philosophy. READ MORE: Illegal Toronto cannabis dispensary still selling despite arrests, cement blocks […]