Mosquito population in Regina four times the average amount

Mosquitoes have hit Regina at full force, following a slow start to the summer due to the drought. The City of Regina has caught four times the average amount in their traps over the past week.

The city’s horticulture and pest, forestry and horticulture manager, Russell Eirich, said in the last week 273 mosquitoes were caught per trap compared to the average for mid-July – 73 mosquitoes.

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“We need residents’ help still. We’re going to get more thunderstorms,” Eirich said.

“We need residents to drain any standing water in your backyards, so try to be vigilant. Every little bit of vigilance helps.”

The bug expert added a bucket of water can become a breeding ground for upwards of 1,000 bloodsuckers.

Outside the city’s control zone, the average was 514 mosquitos per trap, according to Eirich. He pointed to this as evidence the city’s mosquito spray program is seeing the desired effect.

For the most part, the mosquitoes in the area are more of an annoyance than a health risk. Out of all the mosquitos caught, only 12 are the disease-carrying species. That’s about 0.5 per cent of the local mosquito population.


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